The Risk Management Association is looking for a creative, strategic leader to join it's Executive team as the Head of Marketing.  In this role you will plan, develop, lead, and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive member engagement.  This role oversees the organization’s Media & Content Strategy, Market & Competitive Analysis, Communications and Branding, Creative Services, Demand Generation, Member Satisfaction and Event Leadership.  
Principal Accountabilities 

  1. Oversee the development and implementation of corporate marketing strategies that support the association’s strategic objectives and business plan.
  2. Responsible for developing marketing talent, resources, and technology, as well as managing annual operating budget to align with organizational goals and continuous improvement in marketing effectiveness.
  3. Develop a holistic content strategy plan and calendar for execution across RMA’s asset portfolio. 
  4. Direct the creation, development, coordination, and implementation of RMA’s brand to create a cohesive strategy across all media and product offerings. 
  5. Develop concepts and innovative ideas for messaging and delivering cost effective product support in all areas of the business.
  6. Coordinate strategies to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience across all RMA delivery channels.
  7. Make recommendations as to the marketability of new products and services, based on thorough analysis of market segments and potential risk and prior experience.   
  8. Proactively lead collaboration across all functional areas on content development/maintenance and sales support functionality of RMA’s Website.
  9. Direct the development and implementation of the marketing plans for all of RMA's products and services consistent with the overall strategy of RMA.   
  10. Develop, coordinate and implement effective marketing communications strategy for both internal and external audiences.   
  11. Direct the production of all advertising materials (RMA’s website, social media, conference and event collateral and promotional, direct mail brochures, product space ads, broadcast e-mail, broadcast faxes, etc.) for all RMA products and services.
  12. Act as primary negotiator with outside vendors for joint marketing ventures that are consistent with overall marketing strategies.  Develop the direct marketing revenue and expense budgets for the sale of RMA's products and services.
  13. Other duties as assigned. 

Job Competencies 

Results Orientation – Sets ambitious goals and works to achieve those and strives to exceed them. Proactively seeks to improve/redesign practices to achieve breakthrough results. Identifies appropriate opportunities to transform the business model and builds the infrastructure to drive those results. 

Collaboration and Influence – Actively demonstrates support for colleagues and engages with others to ensure team is motivated. Seeks out opportunities to facilitate cross-group collaboration. Leads with a collaborative spirit and fosters a collaborative culture. Forges strong partnerships to facilitate achievement of company goals. 

Change Leadership – Communicates with team and partners to facilitate an understanding of the need for change. Actively demonstrates support for change when appropriate and utilizes appropriate influence to mobilize others to understand and embrace change.  

Leadership – Employs highly developed skills to communicate in order to inform, educate, and motivate. Consciously inspires and elicits commitment from team. Builds a sense of empowerment and an appetite for high performance. Develops these behaviors in team members. 

Strategic Orientation – Differentiates short and long term strategies and builds bridges from the former to the latter. Articulates a multiyear vision and sets appropriate priorities. Incorporates change management to facilitate the achievement of longer term strategies. Creates high impact strategies that complement the company’s objectives. 

Developing Organizational Capabilities – Assesses competencies required to achieve short and long term strategic plans. Develops partnerships with staff members in order to foster identifying and pursuing development opportunities. Actively supports staff members’ development. Systemically builds team’s competency as a whole. 

RMA Values - Routinely and instinctively behaves in a manner consistent with the RMA values of Integrity, Pride, Excellence, Caring and Teamwork. Incorporates the perspective of the RMA values into all business decisions. Acts as a role model for the RMA values. Actively promotes and serves as an ambassador to promote the RMA Values.